Neolegalis has a strong litigation practice with its team of experienced attorneys advising clients in the field of criminal law which includes;

White collar crime

Anti money laundering litigation

Economic offenses

Income tax prosecutions

G.S.T. prosecutions

Corporate crimes

Company law prosecutions

Black money related offences

Extraditions related law

Benami transaction related offences

Cyber crimes


Breach of trust

Data theft

Bribery and corruptions

Dishonour of cheques

All core criminal trial and bail

The firm’s practice focuses on commercial corporate which largely comprises transactional and legal consulting services , such as advice on day to day business, regulatory concerns, corporate and government affairs, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, joint ventures and collaborations, real estate and construction, insurance, employment issues, technology, media and telecom.

Neolegalis’s areas of focus include arbitration and litigation related to arbitration.

Our team of lawyers are very well aware of changing landscapes in the field of data security and can advise you  about data privacy and protection.

Neolegalis has been representing their clients in all company law tribunals and assisting them in recovering their legal dues on a regular basis. They have a team of professional insolvency and bankruptcy attorneys to handle disputes on behalf of and against financial and operational creditors in a timely and cost effective manner. We gives consultation on corporate re-organization, restructuring of non-performing assets, creditors right and contingency preparedness against any peripheral litigation.

Neolegalis is widely considered as one of the India’s best law tax law firm, advising start-ups and  businesses on direct and in-direct tax structure and in litigations.

The firm (Neolegalis) have team of attorneys, which is actively involved in advising on issues in the field of  information technology & cyber laws.

For new business or start-up it is essential for promoter/owner to follow the basic rules and regulations that are pertinent to their business. Neolegalis gives guidance and consultancy to the founders and promoters of new businesses to handle the rules and regulation of the particular sector.